Starting Master Key System

by Dan on July 21, 2011

You’ve heard about some of my 30 day and 6 week challenges on this blog.

Now I have a new one… a SIX MONTH challenge.

It’s actually not nearly as hard as the others, so I’m not going to boast about it too much.  Still, it’s a real undertaking.

Have you ever heard of the book, The Master Key System by Charles Haanel?

It’s one of the first Law of Attraction books ever written, way back in 1912.  It was actually first a correspondence course.  You would have a lesson delivered every week for 26 weeks.  Each lesson included an exercise to do for that week, usually a type of meditation.

Of course, it became a lot more convenient to just publish the course as a single book, but the text is still divided into weekly lessons.  A few years ago, I picked up the book and started reading it, doing some of the meditations along the way.  However, I was blatantly disregarding the instructions because I was reading it straight through.  At some point, Haanel says, “Make sure you’re doing the exercises.  Otherwise this book will have no effect.”  I felt a little bad when I read that, but finished the book as I was anyway.

I met a new friend named Lisa recently and she had just started the book.  I told her about my experience with it, and how it was really essential do it one week at a time, and she said “Well, why don’t you do it with me?”

I agreed and we committed do doing the six month process.  I’ll keep you in the loop as we go.

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1 Wang zhi August 25, 2011 at 6:44 am

Hi, I started to learn the book last week.

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