The Reflector Awareness Exercise

by Dan on August 18, 2011

I talked about the Yellow Zone last week, and wanted to continue on the topic of how to build your awareness.

I gained a lot of insight from using the Yellow Zone exercise, but something bothered me.  I could only see what was in front of me and to the sides of me, but not behind me.  I could always turn around if I needed to, but I didn’t like the limitation.

What I started doing to help with this limitation was to look at everything with a reflection, including mirrors, glass, and metal.

What you do is you look in front of you, and using the reflective surfaces, see how much you can ascertain about what’s behind you.  You have a lot more clues than you realize.  The side of a car might show you part of a house.  Some metal on the street might show you a tree.  A puddle of water might show you how the clouds look behind you.

You take each piece and see what you can construct.  Now and then, you can turn around and see how much your image construction matches what’s behind you.

As you start doing this, not only does it get easier, but you start noticing more reflective surfaces and the information they offer.  Even a wooden chair has a reflection that can serve you.  It can even get a little overwhelming, taking everything in.

As you get even better, you may find you are getting enhanced perception abilities, such as knowing who’s in a room before you walk in.  You might not even be able to piece together what reflective surfaces clued you in, but the image will pop into your head.  This isn’t psychic phemonena, of course.  It’s making the most of your visual senses possible.

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