Putting Peace & Productivity Up Front

by Dan on February 16, 2010

I’m on a productivity kick lately, thanks to my revisited practice of cutting escapes out.  I’ve gained some real momentum back, so it’s becoming much easier to prioritize activities, and get into that “flow” state.

In terms of deciding what action to take at any given moment, I focus on two focal points:  Peace and Productivity.  If what I’m planning to do is not in the name of either (usually an Escape), then I do something else.

For example, right now I’m typing up a blog post while I’m totally in the “zone.”  It’s productivity in its purest form.  Earlier today, I was doing some releasing, and meditating.  That’s in the name of peace.

I’m writing this on a Saturday night, and around this time is usually when I go out with friends to the bars.  Right now, I know I’m more productive improving the blog, as well as taking care of other business initiatives I have.  I also know that in the current state I have, the bars will not bring me extra peace tonight.  Therefore, I’m passing on a social night out.

On another night, it would make perfect sense for me to go out and have a fun night on the town. Socializing is impossible to categorize.  It can easily fall into productivity, peace or escaping.  It all depends on when and why you’re doing it.  From how I’m feeling tonight, I know going out to be social would just be an escape from what’s important in the present.  Another night, it could be a great opportunity to expand my social circle, or to just simply feel the love in the room.

The gym is a melding of productivity and peace.  When you exercise, you get stress out, while improving your body’s aesthetics and health.  Of course, you could be excessive with the gym as well, but as long as you aren’t there for hours and hours on end, you’re doing ok.

When you’re focused on being productive, make sure that you don’t fell into the traps of “creative avoidance.”  Creative avoidance is when you find things to do under the guise of productivity that just suck time up.  Examples of this include spending excessive time on reading work emails, or adding the 48th so-called time saving gadget to your iPhone.  Usually people who get caught up in these behaviors have subconscious blocks to prosperity.  After all, they’re sacrificing plenty of their personal time in the name of wealth, yet are not hitting the key activities that would get them there.

Try seeing what “themes” your activities fall into, and let me know what comes up.

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