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by Dan on December 9, 2009

Hey guys,

I’ve finally signed up for the Release Technique retreat for Dec 26, 2009 to Jan 1, 2010.  I’ve thought about the 7-day retreat for a while, and there was a number of reasons not to go.  It is a little expensive, and does take a whole week out of your work schedule.  Luckily for me, I just got a new job which allowed me to get this week off, so I”m all set to go.

One of the major reasons I decided to go was the detailed reviews available from past retreat/seminar attendees.  Some went to three day live classes, and others went to the week long retreats.  I’ve posted some of them below for your convenience.  They can be hard to find online, so I’ve put them in one place.

Note: Larry Crane often changes the titles of the programs.  For the most part, there’s three main programs:

3-Day Live Class: Also called “Millionaire 101,” “Breakthrough Abundance Course,” and “Abundance Course Live.”  These are held all over.  Larry seems to enjoy traveling like a madman to get the word out.

7-Day Life Mastery Retreat: Also called “Millionaire Bootcamp,” and “Millionaire Abundance and Health Mastery Retreat.”  This is usually held in Camp Allen, near Houston TX.

7-Day Final Step Retreat: Often just referred to as “Asilomar Retreat,” for the usual location in Northern California.

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From Mario – Millionaire Bootcamp, 7 Days at Camp Allen 2009
Originally at

What an amazing experience! Each 7 day retreat from Larry is better than the previous one. This was my third retreat, but my first Millionaire Bootcamp. So here is my recollection, while I can still remember.

First of all, everybody that attended courses know about the “seminar effect”, where in the first week you feel great, better, changed, high, and two weeks later your back into the everyday gutter. You fall back into previous conditioning. This doesn’t happen here. And actually cannot happen. You are not programming “positive stuff”. You are dumping garbage, and the dumped garbage does not come back. What might happen is, as your releasing power multiply by 1000+ there, you can come back to normal if you don’t keep releasing. But then, it is your responsability, right?

Larry had a staff of 12 people avalable for helping you during the exercises, or for private assistance, so you can deal with problems you don´t want to share with other people. Besides that, they do optional cleanups before and after the course each day. So the day tipically begins with this cleanup, plus a cleanup from Larry. So when the presentations starts you are high as a kite. These individual works and cleanups alone worths more than what you paid for the retreat. In one of those I dropped a life-long wanting approval program.

I had huge gains. One that I am specially fond of is that I was tested by doctors with some advanced equipment that measures everything in the body, hormones, minerals, vitamins, bones, muscles, heart variation, etc… before and after the retreat. I found out that, even though I was in terrible shape last year, and all exercise I did this year was walk 2 weeks in February and 2 weeks in April for 30 minutes each day, 4 days each week, i normal pace, my fitness level was measured as athletic. Now, I did a lot of releasing. And after the seminar, during which I didn´t do any exercise, it was even better! Now, just as a side note, even though some weight was lost due to releasing, my body is overweight and far from anything that could be called athletic.

From the very first night I went quiet in the background. Thoughts came from the foreground, but they didn’t seem to be mine. After one cleanup the next day, the foreground was also quiet. Yes, more garbage comes up and the mind chats again. That´s its job afterall. And it´s good in what it does. We just have to be better and bigger than it.

The room was Love and Joy. Any small thing would trigger a chain of laughter that didn´t came from what happened itself, but the happiness in people. Limitations dropped one after the other. I separated from my ego and began looking at it and notice all of my wants were actually his wants, and after that they would flow away. My releasing power multiplied by 1000+ as a result.

And no, I am not a millionaire yet. I also didn´t focus on that there, but on health, and I dropped a huge health program I had.

Few gains:

- Goal of having U$1000,00. Done.

-Plane arrived 20 minutes prior to scheduled time in Brazil so I´d be able to get the bus to my city. When I got to the ticket counter, there was only one guy there and he told me to go in front of him. The lady at the counter said: The bus is full. Next one in 90 minutes. Then she grabbed a phone, talked, turned to me and said: I called a micro bus. Will be here in 10 minutes to take you all.

-I wanted to travel alone in two sits in the bus. That wasn´t possible as the microbus had 15 seats and we were 15. Released. A normal bus arrived instead and I travelled alone in 2 seats.

-Everything is synchronous. This typically happens after the 7 days retreats and keep happens for a while (longer if you keep releasing).

-It´s being so easy to do the releasing processes. The wants are still flying away.

- Just as a note about a gain at Larry’s Millionaire, Health & Fitness 7 days I did in December: Smoking was dropped. I don´t mean I stopped smoking. I didn´t even wanted to stop smoking my adorable 10-12 cigarretes a day. I was not going to stop if it meant using will power (different word for suffering, in this case). It just went away. I looked at a cigarrete and couldnt smoke. And I tried! Now, 5 months later, it is still the same.

It is an amazing, incredible experience. I already signed up for 3 more.

Keep releasing,



From Mario – Asimolar Final Step 2009
Originally at

Maybe I should just copy some of the previous review here :) It was great again. Even in size, 250 people. On the last day I was still seeing new faces. Maybe this is normal, but not for me. I was used to hypnosis classes with 30-50 people or less.

One thing that I can expect is that I will get something very precious out of it. That’s why I keep coming back. There might also be a bit of wanting security, as I invest in what I know will bring me return in the direction I am intending to go.

On the first day someone already saw through some (or all, who knows?) of the identification. That was fast! And that is some of what I expect and always get, just haven’t seen that on the first day yet. No limitations, I guess. And that is, by itself, the meaning of the retreat, The Final Step. To be able to disidentify more and more with what we are not.

Lester described his flow towards Freedom where you “See it”, mind goes quiet, mind comes back (less of it, but you haven’t annihilated it yet), then “See it” again, mind goes quiet again, mind comes back again (but even less), each time “scorching” some more of the mind until it is completely “annihilated”.Each time I go through one of Larry’s retreats (any one of them, really) is like going through one of those cycles described by Lester, but on a very fast paced and more powerful way. Efficiency is the word that best describes it, and that’s why I keep going. I am not is a hurry.

I intend to be an instructor someday, a long-term thing. Only if it is completely effortless. And I got a “Staff” badge this time as I help them with their products during retreats. I do that as a “giving without wanting anything in return thing” that Hale recommends we practice during retreats in his recordings. I don’t get any money or anything, and it helps me with the givingness part. Then came the other side.

One great benefit of attending these retreats is having about 10 instructors there to help you one-on-one whenever needed. So last retreat I went to one and worked on the “receiving” part also. Givingness is fine, actually, now receiving is the thing. And releasing with the instructor I could take care of it easily. And it is a gain for me to get the staff badge because it points towards the goal. The only thing is that the less attached I get, the faster it seems to be moving.

Something new on this retreats was that we worked a lot with goals. Larry and Rich are releasing this 5-days Goals retreat in November and they showed us some of what they will teach there. As we were at the Final Step, some procedures were used towards Freedom. Sure, Freedom cannot be a goal. Making it into a goal puts it “there”, automatically making us look away from where it is. But we can use it to bring up fears and limitations towards Freedom and release them. And we have to get some of the earthly goodies too on the way. Half-way through the processes I would forget what goals I was working with, which means it might have been working.

We worked a lot on fear. Larry has this new way to release on I can’ts in order to bring up fear and I finally got it! It is on the recorded calls if you want to hear. You get the “I can’t”, turn it into “I won’t” (responsibility) and release from there. I had it written down and didn’t use until I really experienced it during the retreat, so it is better if you listen to the call and experience it than to read it here. The words sound the same. The difference is in the experience.


From Mario – Asimolar Final Step 2008
Originally at

I have to say, this retreat was special. It was amazing! It’s called Final Step because, if you follow all the exercises, including homework, you will have the tools to experience the Freedom that you are, and maybe stay there. The Final Step to Freedom.

It’s my second time at this retreat. And it was very different from the first one. More powerful would be a good way to describe. And it was special because, on the last evening, you could see a lot of people experiencing Freedom everywhere. I saw that before, but not so many at the same time. Not counting the ones who experienced before the last evening, like me.

This retreat happens at Asilomar, a huge conference area full of space, peace, a place perfect for this type of retreat. You walk one way, there’s a beach. You walk the other way, there’s sort of a small forest with lots of animals.

The retreat began with a powerful review and cleanup summarizing what we get from Goals and Resistance course and What Do You Wan to Do When You Grow Up, the two advanced prerequisites courses. This means this course begins at the Fear of Dying level, which according to Lester in The Way, is the last thing to release. A cleanup followed the class; I went back to my room and slept like a baby.

The next days begin at 09:00. But there’s a cleanup at 08:30 with the different instructors for those who want each day. I want to enjoy each and every minute. I traveled from Brazil to there, which means lots of money and almost 24 hours to get there. Whatever is available releasing-wise, I’m there. So for me the day begins at 08:30. It goes up to lunch time, and then the retreat continues until 17:30-18:00. Dinner follows, and more retreat at 19:00 with a final cleanup. There are about 10 people supporting us, lots of them Release Technique instructors, and they are really there for us. If a problem shows up you can’t release, they will help you. We are supported the whole time, and they are absolutely wonderful people. There is also lots of homework for lunch time and evening after the retreat. I can say that my day goes from 07:00 AM till 01:00-02:00 AM. I don’t need to sleep a lot there; the amount of releasing takes care of that.

Fast-forwarding to the day before last. Some people began “popping”, meaning having the Freedom experience, the Beingness experience we went there to have. I was pretty much resting in Beingness and watching the Ego by then. Then we were divided into groups, each with an instructor, to work on different subjects. There was a money group, health group, etc. I went to the Freedom group. Oh, boy. That was something. I can’t say what “that” was, I forgetting. But at some point the ego dropped, and I could hear people talking, I could hear Ken (Ken Smythe, an awesome instructor) talking, but I felt I wasn’t absorbing because the voice that repeats in my head what I am hearing was gone. Later I found out I was absorbing, but the missing voice not being there gave the impression I wasn’t. I talked later to someone else experiencing Freedom ad he said: “Yes, that’s it! I couldn’t put into words!”

Anyway, when the exercise was finished, Ken took us for a “walk of Freedom”. We went to walk in that amazing state, and it was something I can’t describe. It really connected Freedom to an atomic fission generator and Mario was completely gone. When we went back to the room, I could see and hear Larry, but I had no reaction. He made jokes that I thought were really funny, but this was translated into a sense of deep peace and pleasure, instead of bursting into a laugh. More people “popped” then and there.

Finally, the last evening. A huge cleanup. You won’t believe, I couldn’t believe, what happened. People going Free left and right. This was my 4th retreat, my 2nd Final Step, and it was the first time I saw so many people experiencing Freedom.

The door was opened. The mind can disappear, the ego can disappear. Now it is up to Mário to release everything until it is permanent. It not only can be done, it was done there.

Now, the big bonus from the retreat:

I’ve always been overweight, since 4 years old I guess. I always loved eating and eating a lot. I only did diets where there were no limits for food. If I stay home, I think about food. My lunch was about 500 grams of food. The same for dinner. I used to love big steaks, big portions.

I came back from the retreat and this was gone. I can eat about 200-300 grams each meal and I feel I ate a bit more than I wanted. My friends think I am sick. One friend began discussing with me that I shouldn’t eat this fast. I said:” But I didn’t, I ate normally”. He said:” We are still in the middle of the second plate and you are done! You are eating fast!”

I wasn’t, I just ate a small plate and was done. They don’t want to believe releasing works, so they come up with that. How come I go to an “All you can eat” restaurant and am done with one small plate?? They are worried about me; I should go to a doctorJ. I feel great, forget to eat sometimes, it seems that whatever was leading me to eat is gone. And this used to be one of my core problems, the one I used all self-development courses to eliminate, including releasing, and didn’t decrease a bit. Gone right there, without even working directly on it. Like when my smoking habit dropped at the Millionaire Bootcamp, I didn’t work on that either. It was gone when I came back home. That’s the magic of releasing on the wants.

After coming back home, another powerful gain showed up. I really got Wanting Separation. I thought it was about wanting to be separate from people and situation. This is a part of that. But as I was putting the ego to sleep and Being the Beingness that I am, I could look at it from that perspective, and I saw/felt/experienced that Wanting Separation is wanting to be this ego, wanting to pretend that the ego stuff is me, wanting to get out of the Oneness and Love that I am into this separated, contracted, reactive, negative being. And this is not even a being, it is just a crazy fantasy self that does no good! When I judge someone, I am wanting separation. When I want approval, control and security, I want separation. I know most releasers know that, as I did, intellectually. But now it is reality to me. And releasing from Wanting Separation makes everything go away pretty fast. Icap measurements drop like a rock.

Well, Larry and his team did it again. This was an incredible retreat. I am a very different person. I go into Beingness much more, and I notice I am contracting myself into an ego much more, being able to release it. One of the things I feared most happened to me 2 weeks after the retreat. The first thing that happened was silence, watching it from ego. Then a push-pull between going into ego and AGFLAPing and Beingness. Then, 20 minutes later, Beingness only. It happened. It was gone. All was fine. The “me” from before the seminar would have probably gone crazy for few days before eliminating everything.

Hope that everybody who reads this gets the idea that IT IS WORTHY to attend the retreats. The world really needs it now.


From Zannie Rose – Millionaire 101 Live Class
Originally at

The Abundance course with Larry was held in Harpenden which was easy enough for me to get to from London. The hotel was a short walk from the venue and that was good as it was a bit of exercise before and after a long day sitting in uncomfortable chairs. It was also an opportunity to appreciate the surroundings, the autumn trees in glorious technicolour.

On the Sunday morning, the doors were locked so we came back to the hotel to do a clean up while Guido took practical action around getting us into the venue.

There were jokes about who had been releasing on comfortable chairs..those in the hotel were padded, and luxurious in comparison to the ones we had been sitting on.

The weekend was basically going through the Abundance Course, which many of you will already have, interspersed with Lester recordings and sales talks, for other products and courses.

Friday night we went through the first two methods of releasing, and nothing ever seems to happen for me when I put my head down and notice a clutching.

I followed along, and still nothing happened.

I said hello to Sanjay when I saw him, and later at the hotel he asked me how was I so far. I replied ‘disappointed’. That was accompanied by quite a strong sensation in the solar plexus so of course, I let it go.

I found out on Sunday evening that a few people left on Saturday.

It was quite a mix of people, some has not done any/much releasing at all, and several had attended several w/ends and several had attended more than one Final Step retreat.

They were the ones Larry asked to take outside some of the people who were having a hard time ‘getting it’.
He often asked for feedback from folks who were returners, as to why that came again, and asked for gains.
One woman said she had a health problem for many years and it went after her first w/end.
It is an apparent condition I would also love let go of, and I asked her about it.
We ended up sharing one of the first exercises and we were both going high with the basic questions.

The afternoon was not so good as I got the guy who seemed to be practicing resistance, however I used it as an opportunity to release on anger/control/frustration etc. and then made sure I did not sit next to him again.

I had some info on the bring 10x£5 for an exercise and boy did that stir stuff up in advance.

Lilar helped in a chat session here, but I still had not let go totally…but am glad I got into the spirit of the game when we did it, and after I let my money go, a second later someone thrust £50 into my hand, so I felt like it was a re-assurance for me..

Of course, the releasing did not begin and end inside the hall, it was going on all the time, and I feel as if my releasing ability has accelerated.

On Saturday morning someone joined me for breakfast and we were chatting about money/millionaire etc and I got whacked with a huge wave of shock/grief, that took me by surprise, and was able to let go quickly. Glad that is up and out.

The person talking had been to the Final Step so I guess she holds the knowing of it in her magnetic field was was a good catalyst, albeit unintentionally.

I chose to join in with everything, even tho I could not see the point of some of it eg the being prideful at a party game.
Sunday was wonderful, with amazing experiences with someone who was also a newbie at the live courses.

We did the exercises, asked the questions taking it to the wants, but wowee, the outcomes were worth the effort of getting there..this is where I was kissed by love on the inside, teleported, saw my Eagle, felt like an embodiment of the female cosmic christ and more, very addictive, and quite an exercise/discipline of letting that go too.

If that is just a taste of what Lester lived, the even more do I want to attend the Final Step.
So here is where I bring up money again.

I chose not to put the Goals and Resistance course/ What do you want to be when you grow up on my cc., as the money does not yet seem to be showing up, even though I am doing lots of releasing on money goals.

While we were waiting to get into the hall on Sunday morning I asked someone what she thought of the whole millionaire from nowhere idea..she told me of her friend who inherited a million from an obscure sort of auntie but not really an auntie, who she had not seen in years,, who died with no children

The experiences of my Beingness that I did have were priceless of course, and I would love to continue with all of this, there is someone who is arranging Momentum days, so will get to those.

Lilar, Ifty was there…wonder what his secret is to affording/allowing all the courses.

One of the things that I understood a bit more after something Larry said was about ‘witnessing’ nothing but release.
I tried this since getting home.

I ordered some business cards around August 26th, and they did not arrive, the company sent some more..still no cards at the end of last week.

I couldn’t do anything much on Monday as I was too tired, but on Tuesday I wondered what to do/not do about the cards.
Was there any point at all in going to the sorting office?

I released on that action step a few times..not much, and did nothing else.

This morning someone rang my bell, it was a woman who lives down stairs, telling me there was a prizes for guessing what it was.

Also, this woman has never rung to tell me before..and I had a big release on her during the pride exercise over the w/end..curiouser and curiouser said Zannie as she fell down the rabbit hole.


From Lilar – Millionaire 101 Live Class
Originally at

All who said that retreats and live classes are unbelievably helpful are 100% right. I have to say that when I got there I was already happy, very happy to be in the live class which wasn’t really the case for all participants. Some looked really stressed out and struggling with life. One of the first exercises we did was to ask our partners what he/she would do if they had a lot of money. It was a “ping pong” exercise, no thinking, just question/answer. Then with the same partner, we did another exercise which consisted of one question: “What’s blocking you from becoming a millionnaire?” The answers were very interesting. We did also a lot of clean ups. We listened to Larry. We listened to Lester.We did exercises on pride which were very powerful. Then came the money exercise. We were told to bring 25 dollars in singles. Then we split in groups and one group was told to get money from the other group no matter what it took them to do that. And the other group was told to hold on the money and say no. As I didn’t hear the instructions very well, the first lady who I had lunch with, took all my money (I beat myself up later, but learned to give approval to myself instantly and let go of the disapproval that I felt towards myself) Then we lied down on the floor in pairs and we were literallyshowered with money. It was FUN! One exercise that I found particularly intense and which allowed me to experience a glimpse of onness was when we were told to walk around the room and look at each other saying to ourselves”You are me. I am you” That was really something! We also did an exercise in which we act out the role of the person who annoys or gets on the nerves of our partners. The aim of this exercise was to teach us how to release on the spot. We act out especially what our partners hate in that person. We laughed and cried at the same time. It stirred a lot of unwanted feelings and emotions. The last exercise was a general clean up from the Butt System which got us high, really high. then we ended the retreat with John Lennon’s eternal hit “Imagine”. I can’t tell you how intense it was. By the end of the retreat, everybody was happy particularly those who looked stressed out in the beginning of the retreat.

I heard a lot of unbelievable stories of healing and financial gains. There was a 90 year old participant who came with his daughter. It was his second retreat and he is planning on going to other retreats.

To sum up, I can’t begin to describe how helpful this retreat was. I learned many ways of releasing slightly different from the SM and honestly I’m using them more than the questions.

If you have any Live class near where you live, TAKE it, you won’t regret it.

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1 Anand December 9, 2009 at 4:52 pm

Cool stuff. Could you post your own review after you complete the retreat in January?

2 Dan December 9, 2009 at 5:04 pm

I definitely plan on it, Anand. Thanks for reading. And please feel free to share your experience with the products, gains, etc.

3 Stephen December 30, 2009 at 6:57 am

As someone who has for many years witnessed firsthand the sufferings of people in the so-called “Third World” – ie, the majority of Humans – the above reviews and comments nauseate me ALMOST as much as they make me feel pity for the spiritual impoverishment of the self-obsessed, spoiled and culturally myopic First World persons who wrote them.

Dan, what the hell are you doing? You’re better and wiser than this.

For various reasons, Dan, I speculate that your parents were probably sincere ethical monotheists of an ancient tradition, which probably accounts for your love of truth and of Man. But I also speculate that there might have been another part of your heritage too, possibly a Christian one. And both of them made you the good man that you are, more than any of this feeble “self-whatever” bullsh– has ever done for you.

Email me if you might like to converse/debate with me. I think you might have some spiritual elders/mentors out there whom you’ve been overlooking for a long time, and who might be closer to you than you imagine. ;-) :-)

4 Janel Hedsten July 29, 2012 at 7:32 am

Hi Dan, I would very much like to connect with you through email if possible. I am very interested in the release technique. I found your reviews by going in to google and typing in positive reviews on the release technique. It has been several years since you posted here as I am writing to you in July 2012. I trust that this will get to you and send this on its way. Thank you. Janel

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