Review: Law of Attraction by Michael Losier

by Dan on June 19, 2007

I am a firm believer in the law of attraction. I’ve seen The Secret six times or so, and it helps when I’m feeling challenged, though there are definitely some diminishing returns in rewatching it. That’s why I look at other LOA materials; to keep the energy fresh about it.

So far I’ve read:

Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks,
The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks (just parts of it)
The Master Key System by Michael Losier

The last one I checked out, Law of Attraction by Michael Losier, was very, very short. It was 149 pages in a tiny book, double spaced. There were many pages that just had one big sentence on them, and the pages of content often only had half the page filled or had a big worksheet or illustration taking up space.

To be honest, I finished the book in 45 minutes in Borders.

That being said, there are some very good things in Michael Losier’s book to learn from. He helps with some of the problems with people commonly have when working with the law of attraction. For example, it is well known that wanting your outcome is not enough. If you feel needy for it and unfulfilled, you are sending out a negative vibration, and will attract negative circumstances. You need to feel the feelings of abundance as if you already have everything you want.

Michael Losier makes a great point about this in terms of affirmations. You put your hand on your chest and say “I am a millionaire!” or “I have a wonderful relationship!” But you don’t believe it. Now, there is a popular school of thought that says that you should keep plowing in your affirmations until your inner critic gets softer and softer and you finally believe it inside.

Losier says something else. He rejects the idea of forcing yourself through affirmations that don’t resonate with you, because instead of making you feel better, they make you even more conscious of the fact that you don’t have what you want.

Imagine if you’re a lonely woman who hasn’t had a relationship in a good few years. You try, and try, but it just doesn’t seem to come. Then someone walks past you and says, “I bet you can have any guy you want.” Makes you feel that much worse, huh?

So in other words, an affirmation can actually make things worse, according to the author. What we need are affirmations that we can resonate with so we can feel the abundance and attract good things into our lives.

Some people solve this by talking about their dreams happening in the future, and boldly say “I will be rich!” “I will have a great relationship.” However, this is another extreme. Anyone can say that they will have something eventually, but if it feels so distant in our future, it won’t do much to change our mood or vibration.

So we end up somewhere in the middle. We want to be in a place where we can imagine ourselves having it and really enjoy the moment and experience, while knowing that it is on it’s way. To do this we say things like “I am in the process of becoming a millionaire” That’s different from saying you will be a millionaire, because in this case you actually are actively getting closer to having it happen, and it’s very easy to justify in your mind why you’re one step closer to riches than you were yesterday.

Another type of affirmation is saying “I am so happy that my ideal lover is caring, considerate, and loving.” Talk about your ideal lover/car/home in the present tense, but refer to him/her as your ideal lover instead of your current lover. You can talk and fantasize and feel all gushy about this lover, while changing your vibration and not feeling any lack or loneliness.

That was one of the main things I found in this book that I haven’t seen in other LOA books or programs.

The other thing that really stood out from the book was the idea of keeping track of your abundance.

Part of why a lot of people have trouble making the law of attraction work for them is that they lack faith. We can watch The Secret over and over again, and can read more and more books on the LOA to rejuvenate our belief, but what really motivates us is evidence. Michael Losier tells us to keep a log of when the LOA works for us.

He has a worksheet here where you can keep track of abundant experiences in your life. For each day there are 8 line spaces available. At first, I thought that I would only use maybe one or two at most a day, and that the whole page would last me a good month. Too my surprise, I filled most of the spaces the first day, more the second, and by the third day, was writing on the sidelines to fit the 15 things in my day that contributed to my abundance.

There are some obvious things to include, like when you visualize getting a parking spot and one opens in front of your apartment. But there are plenty others to keep track of, like when you go to the bank and there is no line, or when there is a sale on the very item you went to the store with. Definitely be liberal with this sheet, as even if you err on praising the common, it will raise your vibration as you will feel grateful for everything in your life. Gratitude brings abundance. And even if you think the LOA is not real, your life can only improve from realizing how much luck is thrown your way every single day.

I recommend the book, but I suggest that you borrow it if you can, and buy the other ones I mentioned, as they have more content.

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1 Jo Hewitt July 15, 2007 at 8:52 pm

This is the most awesome discovery I have made. I have worked out how to make it work and I only have to start saying the statement and I can see a shift and things start appearing.
My greatest succes was removing a person from my life and within 3 days of saying that she was out of my life that person was beginning to say that she needed to move on.
I also attract $100 bills and they are stacking up in my wallet.
Keep up the great work


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