Meditation Made Easy

by Dan on August 12, 2009


Several readers have asked me about how to meditate, so I’ll lay it out quick right here.  This is the easiest way to begin meditating, as basic as it gets.

Beginning meditation is easy.  Here are the simple instructions:

1.  Find a comfortable place to sit.  It can be a chair, a pillow on the floor, the floor itself, or a couch.  Just make sure your back is straight.  So a chair or couch is fine if you keep your back straight, but no slouching.

2.  Turn off all distracting sounds in your house or apartment, such as music, computers that are noisy, etc.  Close windows if that helps.

3.  Set light to slightly dim, so you can still find your way around but won’t be able to notice the light when you have your eyes closed.

4.  Set your cell phone silent (not vibrate) for all calls and texts.

5.  Set your cell phone alarm to vibrate in 20 minutes.  If your phone can’t be silent for calls while still having an alarm, just turn your phone off and set another alarm in the house.  Better to have a less invasive alarm like a vibration, or soft music than a loud ring.

6.  Sit in your quiet spot and take three deep breaths.

7.  Continue sitting and do not get up no matter how bored, restless, or agitated you are.  If you are thinking nonstop for the whole 20 minutes that’s fine.  If you fall asleep, sit on the floor instead so you have to manually keep your back straight.  It’s your ego trying to tell you it’s impossible for you to finish.  Don’t let it trick you.  It gets quieter each time.  If a thought comes up, honor it silently, but don’t engage it.  Don’t have an inner dialogue, just let the thought speak, and then let it go.  Don’t suppress or resist thoughts, but don’t engage them either.  This gets easier and easier the more you do this.

Do this 20 minutes a day, every day, without fail.  If you miss a day, of course you haven’t lost your benefits, but the more days in a row you do it, the better momentum you get.  Once you can do it as I say, feel free to change it up to your own style if it suits you better.  Be honest with yourself.  Also, it’s fine to start with 5 minutes a day, then 10, then 15, then 20.

Question:  “Dan, I’m too busy minded to meditate.  I can’t sit still.”

Anaswer:  That’s like saying you’re too fat to go to the gym, and get tired on the treadmill.  Suck it up and sit there for the 20 minutes.

Honestly, meditation is the baseline for everything else I post about here.  If you can’t sit still in a room for twenty minutes, you probably won’t be able to apply anything else I say either.  Even if you are doing EFT, Sedona Method, and Release Technique for hours a day, if you are not meditating, you are only getting a small percentage of the benefits.

Sometimes I think I’ve come far enough to rely on releasing without using meditation.  After a week, it’s obvious that I was wrong, once I see all thought baggage accumulating, and negative thoughts popping back up.   As much as I talk about Sedona and Releasing like it’s the holy grail, it fails for most people, as they don’t take it seriously.  It’s the same with any diet, or goal-setting strategy..  At my Sedona Method meetings in San Diego, there are a few people who have been doing the method it a long time with very little to show for it.  These are people who aren’t meditating regularly, and aren’t really challenging themselves in their inner work.  I’ve told them what I do differently, and they always have an excuse.

Imagine your mind is a land of soil.  With inner game work, you clear the garbage underneath.  However, this is only possible if you are on top of the soil to begin with.  If you have a constant inner dialogue of thoughts, it’s as if you have huge rocks all over your soil, so it can’t even be seen.  With all this covering up your subconscious, you can, at best, move some rocks around, and occasionally pull a bad weed out, but will lose out on most of your growth opportunities.

Seriously, if you have inner peace and happiness issues, expect no results if you’re not meditating regularly..  The harder it is for you to sit still for 20 minutes, the more you need it.


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