Some Recent Releasing Gains

by Dan on August 8, 2009


I’ve talked about the Sedona Method and Release Technique a few times in this blog, so I thought I’d take today to list some of the major benefits I’ve gotten from releasing.  I write down a lot of gains for each day, sometimes up to 37.  I find that the more I write the little gains like “felt more confident around attractive girl in coffee shop” (that I didn’t even talk to), the more substantial gains show up.  Focusing on the positive really makes a difference.

Here are some gains I have to share.  Most of these are from the last month, but I’ve included a few from some months ago when I was just started.  I’m actually sharing only a small percentage of my written out gains, which turned out to be pretty numerous anyway.


  • Student Loan rates cut from 4.25% to 2.45%.  My loan payment each month is now $18 less.
  • Was going to buy $105 running shoes, then found the same shoe online for $55 with no shipping.
  • Got 2nd row Judas Priest/ Whitesnake concert tickets for $99 with no fees.  These tickets would have cost 10 dollars more if I bought from the venue, and twice as much if I bought from most scalpers.
  • Got No Doubt concert tickets right behind the orchestra pit for $50.  If I bought from the venue, it would cost $95.  Scalpers were selling seats in the way back for $80, so this was a great deal.
  • Got a large 5 topping pizza from Papa John’s for $9.99.  Would have cost at least $17 dollars at face value.
  • Somehow have almost 4000 AT&T Rollover minutes, so I don’t have to worry about phone talk time for quite a while
  • A lot of discounts for my favorite foods at the grocery store

Random Cool Things

  • At PB Bar and Grill, someone shoved a dollar bill into my pocket randomly
  • I was sitting outside a coffee shop before ordering, and a girl I never met was walking in and offered to buy me a drink, after 5 seconds of conversation
  • At almost every bar I go to, the bathrooms are extremely clean, no matter what time of night it is.  Bathrooms where previously I couldn’t imagine sitting down on the toilet seat are now near spotless, as if a janitor walked in right before me.  This is almost everywhere I go, even the beach areas.
  • Parking spots open around me at just the right times, in high traffic areas.
  • Friends of mine are having a lot of luck in their lives as well, such as modeling deals, lots of romantic suitors chasing them, and getting jobs they want.
  • Got a free day pass to an Anthony Robbins Event in LA.
  • Had lost a $50 dollar gift card 8 months ago and assumed it was gone.  It just turned up yesterday.
  • Was given permission by a self-help company to download a large number of products for free.
  • Won my first poker tournament for $60.
  • Making basketball shots a lot more easily and effortlessly.


  • A lot easier to talk to friends and make new ones
  • I now can see almost everyone as an equal, instead of better or worse than me.  I feel incompatible with a number of people still, but it’s less of a value judgment and more of a “vibe” differential.
  • Without getting into specifics, dating is a lot easier.
  • People randomly come up to introduce themselves, whether it’s of friendly or romantic interest.


  • Much more easy to “get in the zone” and get something done.  Psychologists call this the flow state.  Mind goes blank and everything gets taken care of.
  • Deleted all instant message software off my computers and don’t really miss it.

Health Gains

  • Used to sleep 10-11 hours if I didn’t have an alarm.  I would wake up tired and still need coffee no matter how much I slept.  Now I sleep 5.5-7 hours most nights with the occasional 8.  I never need an alarm, and rarely use caffeine.
  • Back aches lessened considerably
  • Can banish headaches and stomach aches at will.
  • Was on a couple medications for about 7 years and warned not to get off.  I released on the withdrawl symptoms and things have been fine for months.

Emotional Gains

  • Nearly impossible to offend.  Very difficult to make nervous or insecure.
  • Can laugh at a seemingly very bad situation and not care.  It always works out anyway
  • More compassion for all people and all things.
  • Easier time being generous to others.  It’s more natural to tip at non-traditional places like concession stands and sandwich shops without a tip jar.
  • Much better at taking a productive action without being worried about outcome.
  • Solutions to apparent problems come very easily.  I figure out how to fix things in my apartment on my own without needing to Google it or call anybody.
  • If there is an uncomfortable situation I can’t escape from for 2 hours, I just relax into it and the time passes by extremely quickly.
  • Never bored.  Traffic doesn’t bother me either.

I know a lot of fellow releasers out there who have some doubts on what you can do with releasing.  All this that I’ve told you is the tip of the iceberg, there are people doing far more, and I’ll keep you posted on my own progress.  While I’m growing fast, I’m still very junior as a releaser.

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