The Real Problem with Eckhart Tolle

by Dan on August 5, 2009

I credit the great Eckhart Tolle for opening my mind, heart, and body to what presence, peace and spirituality really feels like.

I credit Eckhart Tolle for showing me what the ego, pain body, and past really are.

I credit Eckhart Tolle for starting me on the path out of religion, guiding me to begin my journey towards peace, effortless success, and enlightenment.

However, I do not listen to or read him so much anymore.

Do I believe Tolle’s message is true?

I read Power of Now and A New Earth years ago, and the information fit three categories 1) Beliefs I agreed with, 2) Beliefs that sounded bizarre but I later agreed with, 3) Beliefs that still sound bizarre to me to this day, but which I’m open to reconsidering at a later date.

The problem is not with Tolle’s message, but with something both more subtle and problematic than simply giving wrong information as many self-help authors do.

Eckhart Tolle has an awesome presence that gets in the way of his own message.  It is a problem that Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks (Abraham), Oprah, “The Secret,” and many other speakers/programs share.  When you listen to one of these people, you feel great.  You are both intellectually and emotionally pleased.  You get such a taste of what freedom can be like.  In fact, you feel that you are in freedom already, and that permanent fulfillment is just around the corner.

Then it goes away.

Why is this?

The answer is that all you got was a taste of freedom.  They didn’t actually bring you to the end, or even really tell you how to get there.

Your mind decides it needs more to chew on.  On to more CD’s and and books by the same author.  Sometimes the author  doesn’t have enough books, so you look for really obscure live YouTube videos and seminar recordings.  You keep that high going.  You’re dependent on constant access to these speakers in order to feel good, and to be assured that you’re making progress.  The problem is that you’re not making progress.  You’re being mainlined a sedative to make you feel everything is ok.  In truth, your ego is raging as strong as ever and your subconsious is in emotional turmoil.  You have limiting beliefs up the wazoo and continue the same sabotaging behaviors that have always limited your success in wealth, relationships, and fitness.

The more you listen to, the more you wonder why your life isn’t changing so much.  You hear testimonials, but they don’t match your experience.  On to the next product.  You truly love listening to these speakers, so there’s no reason to stop, right?

These speakers aren’t charlatans.  They are 100% genuine in their efforts to help you grow.  Their only fault is that they are way too easy to listen to without taking action.

When I say “action,” I don’t necessarily mean working hard at your business or going to the gym, though these actions can be important.  I’m talking about your  actual inner work  to become a clearer, more powerful person.  Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle mention regular meditation constantly.  Why is it so easy to listen to hours of them talking without ever feeling the need to meditate yourself?  Oprah talks about amazing ways to benefit your life with few ever implemented by her audience.  You fall under the illusion that merely being in the presence of these enlightened, successful people will transform you to join their level.

I just went through “Secrets of Manifesting Your Destiny” with Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Loved it.  Ordered 2 more of his cd sets off ebay immediately.  Then it occured to me that the spiritual high I got from his book “Real Magic” a couple months ago had vanished not too long after reading it.  “Secrets of Manifesting Your Destiny” was a great listen, and reconnected me with where my mission is going, but the only real “take home” aspect was the meditation exercise given at the end, which was really cool, and I’m working on.  However, I’m betting that 99% of people who actually finish the whole course do not do the exercise for more than a week.

How do you avoid this problem?  Pick speakers that are uncomfortable to listen to if you’re not doing the work.

While I love Sedona Method, the variation given by the Release Technique really hits home on this level.  It is impossible to listen to Larry Crane in a recording without either doing the work, or feeling like an idiot for listening without doing the releasing exercises.  I have friends who can listen to Hale Dwoskin (Sedona Method) in their car comfortably, but have to press pause and wait til they get home if Larry Crane (RT) is talking to them.

EFT teachers are great as well, my favorite being Brad Yates.  This is because it’s impossible to listen without doing the tapping at the same time.  I’m not doing EFT anymore, but the system is still valid.

For the record, I still pick up “Power of Now” here and there and still enjoy it.  It’s a different relationship now, however.  When I read parts of the “Power of Now” that I didn’t understand before, I nod because I’ve experienced them myself through other means.

To make something clear, this article is more directed to people already on their spiritual journey.  If you’re new to all of this, I truly believe Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer are a superb start.  Just don’t get caught up in the fuzzy goodness.



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51 Shonn Frank August 17, 2013 at 2:30 pm

Wow, Dan. You have clearly missed it. You are a blatant example of everything ET says about the “ego-based mind” or any of the other “names” for it. As he says, “words are just pointers”. lol

Also as he says, “It’s not your fault. Nothing personal.” In fact, he basically gives the exact same talk in every CD…..and I still love listening. lol Like many others, I’ve gotten a taste of almost every “new age” teacher, which is just a name for the emergence of such enlightened people (As ET also talks about.), over my 10 year “journey.” I spent the first 9 of those years reading one book after another. I thought I knew everything there was to know about spirituality…..but I was still looking.

It was ET who finally pushed me over the line. It may have happened anyway I would like to think, but there is a absolutely a reason he has appeared at the top of so many spiritual teacher “lists.” Although, I do believe reducing him to simply a “new age author” seriously diminishes his true worth to the World…not that he (or I) really mind either way.

But yes, you are clearly are still looking for “content” for the mind…more books, more info….etc. But there is only ONE teaching, one truth, which is at the essence of all religions, before they were tainted, and is admittedly all ET ever speaks about.
(In fact, it is his simplistic “style”that makes him great…s opposed to, say, Krishnamurti, who IMO tends to be a little complicated at times……same exact message though, the only message, the one Truth that he conveys masterfully, both through words and, more importantly, in the space between the words.

So, I guess you could say I Wildly disagree with the word “problem” anywhere near ET’s name. BUT it’s normal….and I was right there until recently my self. You WILL get there. Unfortunately you’ll probably have to read some more books you dont need. lol

52 Dan August 17, 2013 at 2:51 pm


You’re entitled to your opinion. If you feel you’re making progress towards your spiritual goal, then of course keep it up. If you’re saying “Haha you missed that there is no goal,” then kindly step out of the way for others that are still looking to get somewhere. :-)


53 Brandon August 25, 2013 at 8:59 pm

wow sean it seams as though you clearly just missed it, and then got defensive, be a little more open. He clearly credited ET, and in a beautiful article described the shortcomings of falling in love with these speakers. I found it to resonate extremely well in my personal situation and thank the author very much for writing such an insighful view on the obstacles between those wiling to just dabble in spirituality as food for thought and those who are actually committed to such a prescribed path.

54 jim August 28, 2013 at 8:19 pm

Dan, I agree. People can get distracted by the good feelings and the temporary high of a great speaker. One would hope that they then go on to discover the truth for themselves. Adyashanti, Eckhart, Jeff Foster, the list goes on; all have wonderful words that somehow didn’t help me make the leap. The Gateless Gate web site, Liberation Unleashed, pushed “me” through the gate and into a realization of non duality. I still love the work of those guys, but don’t find much need for inspiration. Shonn missed your meaning, but then I missed Adya’s and Eckhart’s meaning for years. There is no where to get.

55 Franck T. August 31, 2013 at 12:43 am

Hello Dan and thanks !

I was happy to find this article at a time I was starting to wonder about the purpose to carry on reading and listening to ET.

I’m at the real beginning of my journey and actually didn’t decide at all to be there, I found by accident a video of ET and ended up listening to the audiobook The Power Of Now (TPON). Great experience and I had this feeling that the book was made for me and my only experience, I noticed myself thinking from time to time that it is probably the reason of its success.

Then I stopped thinking as taught or instead I tried to control those thought and indeed for a couple of days I felt the best out of me. Casual drinker I didn’t even think of having one glass and my relationships and mood at work rapidly improved while “into the present”.

After a couple of days I felt the need of reading and watching more, at this time the motivation was a bit decreasing, I felt like I had missed a test and had to do it again. I read again TPON, watched videos and seminars and understood quickly that ET was saying more or less all the time the same thing but with different words and examples depending on the interlocutor. I even watched an admirer telling ET “I know what you are going to say but I need to hear it from you”.

So Shonn you are right that it might not be nice to put “problem” and ET in the same sentence but I agree with the fact that enlightenment has to come from within and not from books nor youtube ; ET teaches that and after you got the message once (and the message is so simple), only experience and practice must be the key, therefore Dan seems right.

Also thanks Dan for giving other references and names of spiritual teachers I didn’t know about, gonna get into it asap !

56 Lykke September 3, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Hi Dan – loved your comment – been there – very well said… If you are not already familiar with Gurdjieff’s work I would grab “In search of the miraculous”:-)

57 juan pablo September 4, 2013 at 1:51 am

Very interesting insight. I feel like you both have a point. I see, in a very simplistic way, two sort of participants in the espiritual path: The ones that “teach”, and the others that remain time after time as listeners or followers. I really trust a man/woman (master?) that look at your eyes and show you something of his knowledge, their experience … just to say better sooner than later, “I have nothing more to teach, now experience yourself, learn by yourself, stop being a searcher, a follower, otherwise… you are missing your energy, the true life”. Masters of life (J.Krishnamurti, U.G, Buda, Suzuki, Tich NH…) usually repeated “don´t follow me”, “don´t agree with me”, observe, investigate by yourself, be part of the life, see the trap of your mind/ego”. Therefore I think that I agree mostly with you Dan. I really feel that the message from E. Tolle is in their books about the Now… That is clearly a remake of Jiddu Krishnamurti teachings… The point is: A truly master needs to have/offer a subscription TV channel to repeat to the “addicts” the same messages? You can say “It is his job, the way to earn money for life. ” And it is true. I respect that. But a good therapist reach a point in the treatment with his client that force himself to stop it: When he realised that the therapy is become an addiction for his client/patient, a substitute of real life, real grow. So … I really miss, as J.K. usually did, a permanent reminder from E. Tolle like “what are you doing here, AGAIN ?

58 juan pablo September 4, 2013 at 2:08 am

Very interesting insight. I see, in a very simplistic way, two sort of participants in the espiritual path: The ones that “teach”, and the others that remain time after time as listeners or followers. I really trust a man/woman (master?) that look at your eyes and show you something of his knowledge, their experience … just to say better sooner than later, “I have nothing more to teach, now experience yourself, learn by yourself, stop being a searcher, a follower, otherwise… you are missing your energy, the true life”. Masters of life (J.Krishnamurti, U.G, Buda, Suzuki, Tich NH…) usually repeated “don´t follow me”, “don´t agree with me”, observe, investigate by yourself, be part of the life, see the trap of your mind/ego”. Therefore I think that I agree mostly with you Dan. I really feel that the message from E. Tolle is in their books about the Now… That is clearly a remake of Jiddu Krishnamurti teachings… The point is: A truly master needs to have/offer a subscription TV channel to repeat to the “addicts” the same messages? You can say “It is his job, the way to earn money for life. ” And it is true. I respect that. It is a wonderfull way to earn money helping others. But a good therapist reach a point in the treatment with his client that force himself to stop it: When he realised that the therapy has become an addiction for his client/patient, a substitute of real life, real growth. So … I really miss, as J.K. usually did, a permanent reminder from E. Tolle like “what are you doing here, AGAIN ?

59 Christina September 19, 2013 at 9:35 am

Thank you! You hit the nail right on the head, Thanks for talking about it which gave me awareness that this is what is happening for me as well. I am getting too comfortable listening to such speakers and get unconformable when I see things that suggest I need to act.

60 Anthony October 24, 2013 at 5:16 pm

Hi Dan
Your profound expressions are deep and searching, and for that you are to be blessed. What if the core of the message is much simpler? What if one accepts that we are made as an awesome and wonderful creation, and are simply yearning for personal knowledge of our creator.
Through that knowledge we find self-acceptance, we find supernatural energy, we find simplicity, we find purpose and we are over-awed in our walk in life.
I gently persuade you to look at and listen to your heart.
All the best to you.

61 Justin January 19, 2014 at 1:36 pm

Well said, Dan.

I’ve stopped listening to people who present “gaining” ideas. Enlightenment is a negative state of mind. It doesn’t involve (necessarily) becoming a better person or a desire to change the world. It is appreciating the watching of the grass grow. Even when the grass is our own mind (our own gaining ideas, desire to learn, or to feel intellectually on top).

62 Llewellyn January 23, 2014 at 1:03 pm

Hi Dan,

This was a good read.
I can relate to the follower mentality one develops when one is not ready to walk the path.

Thanks for sharing.

63 Billy January 27, 2014 at 6:12 pm

I am opening the sacred portals of my unmanifested kundalinis as the blessed presence arises out of my tantric being.

64 Riya Ghosh February 14, 2014 at 1:57 am

As said above, you have clearly missed the point. What ET says has to be realised, not understood intellectually. That’s why it doesn’t stay with you and that’s why it stops making sense to you after a while. Read Aurobindo after this if you feel like it. Though again, you have to balance it out with powers of reason and logic. Dude, the mind is not your enemy. But stop applying it to things it was never meant to or equipped to solve. That is why it doesn’t stay with you. Hence the regressions. Its not the above mentioned speakers fault. its yours. Realise, not understand. And stop fighting it.

65 Lillian March 29, 2014 at 8:47 am

I have been on a path for many years. I, like many of you, have read tons of books and done tons of practice also. For me it is an evolvement of the spirit. To date the two most important teachings are Eckhart Tolle and now Michael Brown( The Presence Process). I have read ET for several years and I am, by no means, through with him. But this lead me to The Presence Process which is excellent and I am really progressing with this. I am a Kundalini Yogi, have dabbled in all sorts of good things, but right now I am solely focusing in The Presence Process. I think you must try things and feel out what is right for you. And what is right for you may evolve and change over time. I am sixty-one now. I started this journey when I was about fourteen beginning with Edgar Cayce and all sorts of metaphysical, spiritual, new age teachings. In my twenties I was just gone on Carlos Casteneda and The Teachings of Don Juan. I can still open one up and learn from it. It has been a great adventure and is not over yet. I would suggest for those who are confused to accept and be with your confusion and ask Presence, Spirit, God, or however you refer to All That Is, to guide you. After all, you are already guided by this, I believe. Bless you on your miraculous journey, and hang in there.

66 Mark April 8, 2014 at 5:46 pm

Eckhart can’t do the work for you; you have to do it yourself. It is up to you to spiritually “grow up” for yourself. You have to find your own way inside yourself – using others people’s words only as a guide.

Use what you can from Eckhart’s teachings, then throw the rest away. For example, I totally disagree with Rupert Spira about free will. But that does not negate all the other information I find useful in his work.

MOST IMPORTANT: Do not follow any one person or “guru” and turn them into a personality cult in your mind. I have learned from hundreds of people over the years on my journey of spiritual growth. If there is even one thing of value for you in Eckhart’s words, use it. Then throw the rest away. Your spiritual awakening is up to you. And it takes time and effort. Cheers.

67 Seeker October 19, 2014 at 3:55 am

You’ve missed the whole point. There’s no progress. Progress is of the ego. How can there be progress if you are that already? You don’t have to create anything, you have to take away what is false. You don’t need to read more books, watch more videos. But egos love that. They love to feel progress, to feel they’re growing. And it’s the total opposite thing. Enlightenmente, awakening is a destructive process, nothing constructive (Adyashanti).

68 Lydia Q November 1, 2014 at 5:03 am

Dan, thank you for your insight. I appreciate ET very much for his teaching. His teachings helped me take a great leap in my spiritual journey. But I am also aware that ET is not my last spiritual teacher.

69 Gordons January 3, 2015 at 3:10 pm

I am fully in agreement with Juan Pablo (comment 58).
I think J. Krishnamurti was much more authentic than Tolle.
And … has Tolle “an awesome presence”? I dont think so.

70 Anssi July 22, 2015 at 12:56 pm

I have to say that I am quite fortunate to have stumbled upon this article. Quite interesting thoughts can be seen from some of the comments too. Just in case someone still scrolls through these comments (since this was written quite long time ago), could someone clarify a little bit this:

If there is no progress, since progress is of Ego, how do you know that you have arrived there, or that you’re even on the path to there? I remember ET writes “There is one certain criterion by which you can measure your success in this practice: the degree of peace that you feel within”.

So if you feel that peace within, you know you have “progressed” from the “unconscious” you, to being there and conscious in the now (or at least for a while).
The way I see it, you do need to work quite hard to get there. The “conditioned mind” is going to challenge you all the time. I guess the question I’m trying to ask is, “Is it possible to measure your progress, without the Ego?”

71 Vic July 24, 2015 at 11:50 am

You secretly think that the future will add something to you that will give you a greater sense of self. That’s why you keep seeking. No “work” such as meditation or relax techniques will ever free or complete you. You are already complete and to see that is to be free.

72 Aiko July 25, 2015 at 2:01 pm

Thank you for this article. I got so much into ET that it became addictive. I told myself that I should start actually practice being in the present, yet as you mentioned, I could not stop watching his youtube videos till way passed my bedtime. Just two days ago, I was telling myself that this was becoming an addictive habit of mine, precisely as you mentioned, that by keep hearing him speak, I felt vicariously enlightened. So reading your article helped me deciding to just stop this addictive behavior and start really incorporating the teaching in my life. Thanks again for your insight!

73 ben August 4, 2015 at 3:51 am

eckhart tolle is no different to deep pockets chopra. he believes his own story and expects others to follow this function….. however, there is NO pain body, that is a fiction designed to help him (and you) believe your own story…ultimately, there is no self, there is no NOW, any more than there is a past or a future.

I hope this helps clarify what I am trying to say. in my opinion, Neitzche was the greatest philosophical mind we have ever had. to suffer and ENDURE is our truest measure of a persons wort.

the very fact that tolle cherry picks from eastern spirituality, western judeo/christianity and a host of other new age woo woo proves that he only will include that which agrees with what he already believes.

I call bullshit on tolle and his neutering philosophy of ” the power of now” I choose to want, fail, desire, succeed, evolve, regress, scorn, pity, love, hate and all the rest of the spectrum of experience. he and his ’1000 yard stare’ followers are welcome to enjoy their rose coloured view of the moment….but bear in mind, he is making money off you. that alone is worthy of suspicion. if he TRULY has your best interests, and the best interests of the world in mind, his “knowledge” would be free to all… it is far from free. just look at what his wife does for a living………. co incidence?

74 ben August 4, 2015 at 3:52 am

apologies for the spelling errors – my keyboard is very much past it’s best before date.

75 Antera August 15, 2015 at 10:39 am

Ben, there is no doubt that Eckhart’s teachings can improve one’s life, if understood correctly. If you don’t think so, give me an example of any of Eckhart’s teachings which does more harm than good. We can then start from there.
Now, imagine a big explosion which sends everything flying away. Normally those things will eventually stop. But imagine such a big explosion, that sends everything flying far far away. And those things are still flying. Among those flying things, is our galaxy too. It moves at a speed of 515,000 miles per hour (828,000 kilometers per hour). This whole thing expands at a rate calculated to be 74.3 plus or minus 2.1 kilometers (46.2 plus or minus 1.3 miles) per second per megaparsec (a megaparsec is roughly 3 million light-years). Is that a difficult speed to imagine? Now try to imagine, hypothetically, that you have the power to zoom infinitely out of Earth. As much as you want. Are you even remotely aware, of how far can you zoom out from Earth into today’s observable universe? And it can even be bigger than that, we just can’t observe more than that with today’s technology. You can’t even begin to understand how ridiculously unimportant you are.
And you still think that it matters whether Eckhart Tolle gets money out of his teachings or not. Is that what you are worried about?

76 Sandy Jones August 23, 2015 at 8:01 pm

A friend of mine wanted me to read your post. I guess because she knew I would agree with you. It’s really all about freedom from fear of being who you are, I think. But, hey, here is something I want to say; there is a third step beyond “non-duality” and it is about finding the unbound, pristine, holy child our self. Here is a book I will recommend, “The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics” by William Samuel — It was written in 1986, this guy, William Samuel “saw” what confusion and upheaval would be coming when the subjective (non-dual) view would eventually make its way into the world of ‘every man’ — and it did — soon after that prophetic book was written. Read this book, you will be so happy you did. You will find the Unbound Joy, you don’t have far to go now, one more little step and you will leave all that non-dual stuff behind and yet it will still be included and so will duality be included and so will your ego and you life and you and all of it. Freedom, the Child — you’ll see. You got it, you do.

77 Catalin August 28, 2015 at 12:14 pm

Mark, Anssi, ben.
Mark, Ego sais “no one can help you grow spiritualy only me” soul sais “everyone can help you grow siritualy you just need to pay attention when they talk to you. First you need help from the outside so you can get help from the inside.” Buddha sais “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” (one single candel if it is enlighted can enlight others and you can not enlight your self because you are not the sorce of the light because right now you are only an egoistic thought that wanders around and around in the mind and says that “i can do it my self” you achive nothing than a more egoistic personality that you will think it is real and i repeat you “think” it is real you belive your thoughts more than other people and that is one of the truths you did not realize yet) “You have to do it yourself” do it but how much time will you need just for your egoistic way that wants to be better by proving that if he is doing ony with guidance he will be better than others or a better teacher. And throw the rest away, throw everything that you did not understood and not wanted to see, that is ignorande, a closed mind. you should realize and observe others as much as your “self” or keep throwing the uselles things away untill you will throw away everything in your life sooner or later.

Anssi, “Is it possible to measure your progress, without the Ego?” yes it is because you are not the ego you are consciousness you maybe the ego right now and realizing that creates already the separation not fully but just enough so you can act, consciousness dose not need to think it simply knows so if you need thinking you need time for thinking and that is already the mind that creates te ego but all of these it is created out of illusion and illusion is lack of information or light is equivalent with information and darkness is the lack of that and illusion creates fear and ego is based on fear, there are two bases of acting in man it is alfa and omega or fear and love and fear is the true oposite fo love Yoda sais “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” and you don’t need to know how will you know when you arived “there” it is not something that you can miss you will simply know by the experience you experience in the present and it is diferent from anything you have experienced in the past or right now be pacient, pacient will give you alot of strenght belive me i know by my own experience that i have this moment and the peace is the lack of emotions and emotions are made by the mind/ego/thoughts and the emotions are taking your attention so that your attension is not on the sorce of the emotions, you can not extinguish fire if you are not extinguishing the sorce of it. One more thing you shall see that behind all of your external thoughts are other thought behaind of them for example realize when you act from a thought why do you act from a thought i mean the meaning and the meannings behind the thoughts are also thoughts just they are more profound when you first meet a girl and if it becames a relationship what is the meaning of the thought that created “i love you” in the same moment you have a thought/ meanning behaind the word “i love you” that is “im afraid im going to lose you” that is why why in the present situation people say “i love you” becasue they are afraid they will lose the “love” of that person, “i need to say it if not i may lose her/him for sure” and that is fear and this is a refelction of the truth, this will help you realize more things, i can certainly recommend you a book called “Conversations with God part1,2 and 3″ and if you are more in to divine you can read “The Impersonal Life” but that one “The Impersonal Life” read it only if you are really about this , for egoistic people this will be a usless book but not for the ones who have passion about divinity and truth.

Ben, you are an egoistic self out of thoughts/beliefs no more no less look at your self for real look at it, look how miserable it is and you are giving it “value” for the misery that you are. Look in the mirror to see your misery. Keep calling bullshit all the things that there are right now untill and all those bullshits will come back up on your self whenever you belive or not or you know or not and you will get your own misery that you have thrown in front of others. You are just talking out of others words you have experienced nothing at all just your egoistic thoughts that you are and this is the truth, you are an egoistic misery and everyone can see your egoistic way, you cannot hide anything in you without that wich is real not to see it, those how are real can see anything and you have no love you are only an egoistic human that doing things only for gratification of his own miserable self so it can be on “top of pyramid” there is no top of pyramid in the world without the botom of it. You may think “ha this is not true im not like that” that’s exactly waht your ego sais and you belive that thought you know you have the meanings behind your thoughts that wich you are trying to hide them form the front of others you are lying to your self. Misery that’s what you are right now and when you will be able too see your own misery you will be able to be “free” that’s what all are talking about and you know nothing at all that’s what you should realize you have nothing created in this world nothing at all. The misery is born only for the real one and it dies once and for all. You may die with it so you can see your misery if you are not able to see it now.

78 saj September 2, 2015 at 8:07 pm

boooooo! you gotta do the work buddy! instead of writing!

79 alan September 17, 2015 at 5:44 am

You are doing generalization, maybe some people feel bad while listening to him, maybe some people realize important things while listening, maybe some dont

80 Karl Baba September 29, 2015 at 10:02 pm

The headline is kinda click-bait. The problem isn’t with Eckhart Tolle but the way people get stuck in spiritual materialism and the ego appropriating the teachings.

81 Shaloma October 8, 2015 at 7:22 am

Only one who can lead you into bliss, and peace not of this world, is from the Prince of Peace–Yeshua Hamaschiach .No other will ever be able to bring you peace to your soul aside from the One who created you and knows you intimately. These New agers have spiritual contacts with spirits alright, from demonic entities who have been around forever as they never die, they are eternal beings from before the creation of the world, but unfortunately they are from the darkness , disguised as angels of light…If it doesn’t line up with the Word of God, avoid and shun it..Man trying to reach up to God, never works, or gets you there, but God has reached down to us, incarnate as Jesus Christ…God in the flesh..Don’t settle for counterfeits. The spirit who is born again, knows truth. Jesus said..’I AM the way, I am the truth, I am the life, No man comes to the Father except THROUGH ME”……Call upon the Lord, and be saved!

82 Bob January 9, 2016 at 6:20 am

Eckhart Tolle says “You’re never upset for the reason you think.”
So if someone is an absolutely ignorant person, and they are in your face, without any regard to you, and you’re upset by it, you’re not upset for the reason you think?
Then what are you upset about?
What he is saying is, you should feel bad about being upset. That you’re not spiritual if you get upset.
This is alot of nonsense. Come on huh.

83 Natasha January 18, 2016 at 1:51 pm

You are right when you speak about all self authors EXCEPT ONE: Eckhart Tolle. You need to re-read ‘The Power of Now’. It has NOTHING to do with ‘The Secret’ or secrets of manifesting etc. ET DOES NOT stress meditation at all. He talks about awareness, presence, stillness. I am living proof that my life has changed to the better BUT NOT in a material way as everyone expects (as with the secret etc). The change is subtle. Life helps you out. It meets you half way and at times all the way. Go back to ET. He is a true master.

84 chouaib February 24, 2016 at 5:35 am

you’re right saj

85 Ron Kemp March 30, 2016 at 9:17 am

Propose a meeting between Eckhart Tolle and Tony Robbins at Stratford, Ontario city hall. Large auditorium. Eckhart and Tony please contact Ron Kemp B.S.W. Prayerfully, Ron

86 Julie April 13, 2016 at 11:03 am

Wow. I couldn’t disagree with this more strongly. There is a reason it is called a spiritual practice. It takes work. Even for someone like an Eckhart it takes work. The work never ends. Only you are responsible for yourself so you can use the tools or not, but you can’t blame the teachers if you aren’t learning and if you aren’t willing to do the work.

87 David Otey April 17, 2016 at 8:39 pm

Hi Dan. I came across your article this evening. I related to it, having been striving on and off throughout great changes within me during the past 6 years. Tolle’s thoughts and statements are the next addition that I already feel helps release both anticipation and control from my thought processing. It makes the previous ideas/techniques/thoughts and mental/spiritual “drills” gel together. The route I took began with the question of “where and who” can I get new ideas from about how to make the life I “know” I must have. The list is long and the main people of wisdom for me have been Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Brendon Burchard, Mel Robbins, Thom Rutledge, Paulo Cohelo and host of others I met via TED talks and references from other authors. Consistent awareness in current presence, the NOW, is the step I focus upon now thanks to Tolle, although the others have taught the same lesson in their own formats. I developed a list of personal daily mental drills over the years to guide my thoughts throughout the day. I include my faith in God with the mix in an honest way. My prayers always end with an acknowledgement that there may be more than what I’ve been told. I say, “in the name of the father, the son, the holy spirit, the universe and any other name or names, if any, I should say.” I am very happy with the changes my life has taken as I have scrutinized and changed beliefs as a result. My spirit is more free. My inhibitions are almost none. Mental barriers of age, gender, and more are gone or weaker than in the past and still being whittled away daily. Thank you for your post. It helps.

88 Alexandra May 29, 2016 at 1:43 am

I have listened to and read Eckhart and it has changed my life except I still struggle with emotional grief when tragedy hits my grown children. I have no control over it getting to my heart and crushing me. Then it all goes out the window. I find it interesting that the gurus like Eckhart don’t have children. If they did, I suspect they wouldn’t be such gurus after all.

89 Chelsie June 13, 2016 at 10:06 am

As someone who is a teacher, the student should of course be allowed to express what is working and what is not. If felt like the first comment that was below the article was a bit harsh. No one should hold Tolle to such a high standard, as if he were and idol almost. No one teacher is better than another. It depends on how a student learns. I came to this site based on a search that I did to find alternative people to Tolle. I find that Tolle’s delivery doesn’t keep me engaged and he is not the teacher for me unless I am just in a particular type of mood. What I think is that more dynamics could be involved t for the original poster. As he mentioned, when he first read Tolle’s work and then later read it again, he understood and appreciated the words more because he had experienced those things. That is what life is about…. experiences. Some times you need more of a variety of experiences, subjects and teachers in order to make things “click”.. and I’m not saying “click” as in “happily ever after”. There is a Buddhist story about a freshman monk going up to a senior monk and saying, “I’m having so much trouble focusing while meditating.” The senior monk said “don’t worry it will pass.” A few weeks later the freshman monk, very happily, went to the senior monk and said “You were right! I can focus now, everything is SO clear!” and then the senior monk coyly responds, “It will pass”… lol So it’s always going to be a series of thinking you have everything figured out and feeling happy and then the next week feeling like everything is falling about. The book that I am reading written by Marcus Aurelius talks about how everything that happens in the world is natural. So to find peace is to accept that you will always feel a struggle or a void because it is simply natural. Accept your nature. As for what I was talking about way above, having a variety, I would look into lucid dreaming. When you start to realize that you are dreaming while in a dream, it really opens you up to how to pause in this waking life. It makes you question things. It give you an extra skill to go towards the teachings that you are learning.

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